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Kelly Scudieri's figures stare back at you unabashedly, with soul-revealing eyes, often surrounded by what at first glance appears to be an arbitrary environment. Combining realism and surrealism, her characters, surrounded in majestic color studies, come to life.

To Scudieri, the mystery is a part of the beauty of the art. "It's not so much about "who" specifically these characters are as to the human complexities they represent."

Scudieri is a graduate of Shepherd University with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Art. After 13 years dedicated to the mental health field, she delved full time into her art in 2003 and was received graciously.

Selling out all 23 original pieces on opening night and with a list of commissions she began to have several shows a year.

Past shows include: The Epicenter, The Entler Hotel, The Bridge Gallery, The MAC Ice House, District Arts, and Domestic.

In 2019, Kelly's painting "Gravity" was selected by the Art in Embassies program (AIE) to be on loan for three years at the US Embassy in Sri Lanka.

Scudieri's work can be found locally in Domestic, Grapes and Grains, and Bistro 112. Gifts Inn Boonsboro regularly displays Scudieri's work in Nora Robert's locally owned shop in Boonsboro MD. Hundreds of Scudieri's original works have found permanent homes with local residents and across the United States.

Scudieri resides in Shepherdstown WV with her husband Scooter Scudieri, daughter Sophia Adara Scudieri (aka Flowers and Birds) and their dog Bowie. 

Kelly Scudieri

O I L   O N   C A N V A S


M I X E D   M E D I A

D I G I T A L   A R T

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